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Thank you for visiting Sedona Grand Canyon Tours

We are a internet tour operation based in Sedona, Arizona. Having operated out of the Sedona, Arizona area for nearly 20 years, we pride ourselves in our ability to seek out and find the best tours, activities, lodging, shops, and restaurants that Sedona has to offer.

Once we find the finest tours from Sedona, Arizona that are available, we pre-purchase these tours in large quantities at a discount. We receive larger discounts since we are buying these tours ahead of time, and purchase the tours from Sedona in bulk. We then resell these tours and pass most of that discount and savings on to you.

The end result to you is a selection of the finest available Grand Canyon Tours from Sedona at the best prices available to the general public. We've done all of the research for you, so you can book your tours with confidence, knowing you are receiving the best Grand Canyon tours out of Sedona at the best prices.

Why does this work? Simple. All tour companies out of Sedona rely heavily on their tours being booked by outside representatives. Concierges, front desk people, travel agents, etc. No tour company could survive without this assistance. As a result, a percentage of the final cost of a tour is a markup from the actual cost at which the company is actually willing to sell their tour. This markup is then passed on to the booking agent in the form of a commission.

While booking through these agents is a convenient way for travelers to secure their tours and itineraries, these agents keep all of the commission themselves and have little or no ability or interest in doing any research on their own to find out what the best available tours are.

Our job is to go on all of the available tours from Sedona, and when we find the best, we work with the tour company and negotiate better rates than are possible for the other agents. This is because we pre-purchase in bulk, and work exclusively with one Sedona tour company at a time.

Rest assured our research never stops. We continue to seek out the best all of the time, and will only offer you what we find to currently be the best...and the best value.



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